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Paper: Virtual Reality and Immersive Collaborative Environments: the New Frontier for Big Data Visualisation
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 221
Authors: Sivitilli, A. K.; Comrie, A.; Marchetti, L.; Jarrett, T. H.
Abstract: The IDIA Visualisation Laboratory based at the University of Cape Town is exploring the use of virtual reality technology to visualise and analyse astronomical data. The iDaVIE software suite currently under development reads from both volumetric data cubes and sparse multi-dimensional catalogues, rendering them in a room-scale immersive environment that allows the user to intuitively view, navigate around and interact with features in three dimensions. This paper will highlight how the software imports from common astronomy data formats and processes the information for loading into the Unity game engine. It will also describe what tools are currently available to the user and the various performance optimisations made for seamless use. Applications by astronomers will be reviewed in addition to the features we plan to include in future releases.
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