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Paper: Interactive Figures in the AAS Journals
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 225
Authors: Williams, P. K. G.
Abstract: Electronic publishing opens the possibility of conveying scientific content using visualisations that are interactive and exploratory, not just static images. The American Astronomical Society, publisher of the Astrophysical Journal and others, has been working to promote the use of ”interactive figures” in its journals as part of a broader effort to keep its offerings on the technical forefront. This year, the AAS is launching new tools to ease the creation of interactive figures for two common data types: time series, using a new AAS Timeseries Tool, and sky images, using the AAS WorldWide Telescope. This item gives an overview of these tools and how you can start using them to share your data in a new, rich way.
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