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Paper: Integrating Plotly Charts into Firefly Visualization System
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 251
Authors: Goldina, T.; Wu, X.; Roby, W.; Ly, L.; Wang, C.
Abstract: Firefly is a web archive and visualization system used by numerous projects, including Spitzer, WISE, PTF, LSST, and NED. It combines image, table, and chart visualizers, which share the same data model. This allows users to create multiple connected views of the available data and facilitates data discovery and exploration. Firefly has Javascript and Python APIs, its widgets can be embedded into other web applications or manipulated from Jupyter notebooks. Plotly.js is a high-level declarative open-source charting library, which ships with more than 20 chart types, including WebGL 2D and 3D charts. It is interactive, highly customizable, and supports statistical and scientific charts that one would normally see in packages like matplotlib or MATLAB. This paper is an overview of the challenges and design decisions that enabled Firefly to use virtually any chart type and feature supported by Plotly charting library with minimal effort and documentation needed.
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