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Paper: Why Is The LSST Science Platform Built on Kubernetes?
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 277
Authors: Banek, C.; Thornton, A.; Economou, F.; Fausti, A.; Krughoff, K. S.; Sick, J.
Abstract: LSST has chosen Kubernetes as the platform for deploying and operating the LSST Science Platform. We first present the background reasoning behind this decision, including both instrument-agnostic as well as LSST-specific requirements. We then discuss the basic principles of Kubernetes and Helm, and how they are used as the deployment base for the LSST Science Platform. Furthermore, we provide an example of how an external group may use these publicly available software resources to deploy their own instance of the LSST Science Platform, and customize it to their needs. Finally, we discuss how more astronomy software can follow these patterns to gain similar benefits.
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