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Paper: The Design and Implementation of the Paper Data Repository
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 299
Authors: Li, C.; He, B.; Cui, C.; Fan, D.; Li, S.; Tao, Y.; Xu, Y.; Han, J.; Mi, L.; He, L.; Yang, S.
Abstract: Astronomical research depends on data, and all methods and conclusions described in astronomical papers are closely related to specific data and processing software. The China-VO Paper Data Repository (PaperData) is a data storage system designed and developed by China-VO. PaperData provides long-term storage and open access service for your paper data, which includes but is not limited to tables, figures, pictures, movies, source codes, models and software packages mentioned in your scientific papers. A user specified permanent URL and DOI will be provided for each item. Meanwhile, a variety of access methods such as network disk and block mounting will be supported. Based on cloud computing technology, the pipeline of data management, release and processing is realized. A long-term reliable storage system is implemented. This paper will elaborate on its design and architecture.
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