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Paper: INAF Trieste Astronomical Observatory Information Technology Framework
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 303
Authors: Bertocco, S.; Goz, D.; Tornatore, L.; Ragagnin, A.; Maggio, G.; Gasparo, F.; Vuerli, C.; Taffoni, G.; Molinaro, M.
Abstract: INAF Trieste Astronomical Observatory (OATs) has a long tradition in information technology applied to Astronomical and Astrophysical use cases, particularly for what regards computing for data reduction, analysis and simulations; data and archives management; space missions data processing; design and software development for ground-based instruments. The ensemble of these activities, in the last years, pushed the need to acquire new computing resources and technologies and to deep competences in theirs management. In this paper we describe INAF-OATs computing centre technological stuff, our involvement in different EU Projects both in the path of building of EOSC, the European Open Science Cloud; in the design and prototyping of new Exascale supercomputers in Europe and the main research activities carried on using our computing centre.
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