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Paper: A New Textual Search Engine to Discover VizieR Catalogues
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 355
Authors: Bisch, Y.; Landais, G.; Schaaff, A.
Abstract: Textual search is a part of the VizieR (Ochsenbein et al. 2000) indexation which completes the position indexation and the keyword search resulting from SQL queries. This new capability extends the capacity of the current engine with a natural language approach like in Google, or bumblebee ADS, (Accomazzi et al. 2018). The new version – still in beta – uses the Elasticsearch engine, an Open Source Software that indexes documents with a grammar and a textual search analyser.
The query supported is a NoSQL language including strict or fuzzy search and available through an HTTP RESTful API. Then, the configuration is adapted to the different data (authors, DOI, abstract, date ...), which is needed to improve the indexation.
Resources to be indexed are the ReadMes which describe the VizieR catalogues. A ReadMe is a structured ASCII file containing the basis meta-data: authors, title, keywords, abstracts but also tables and column descriptions. We will explain the new implementation from the data origin to the final users.
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