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Paper: Exposing SED Models And Snapshots Via VO Simulation Artefacts
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 363
Authors: Chaitra; Bertocco, S.; Molinaro, M.; Molinari, S.; Ragagnin, A.; Taffoni, G.
Abstract: The Virtual Observatory (VO) simulation standards, Simulation Data Model (SimDM) and Simulation Data Access Layer (SimDAL), establish a framework for the discoverability and dissemination of data created in simulation projects. These standards address the complexity of having a standard access and facade for data which is expected to be multifaceted, and of a diverse range. In this paper, we detail the realisation of an application exposing the theoretical products of one such scientific project via the simulation facades proposed by the VO. The scientific project in question, is a study of the evolution of young clusters in dense molecular clumps. The theoretical products arising from this study include a grid of twenty million SED (Spectral Energy Distribution) models for synthetic young clusters and related data products. Details on the implementation of SimDAL components in the application as well as the ways in which the data structures of SimDM are incorporated onto the existing data products are provided.
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