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Paper: ARTAMIS: a Real-Time Monitor System for the WSRT Based on WinCC-OA
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 431
Authors: Schoenmakers, A. P.; Mulder, H.; Coolen, A. X. C.
Abstract: Real-time monitoring of the hardware, software and observation status is crucial for efficiently operating a complex observatory infrastructure and science program. As an of upgrade these functions at the WSRT, we have developed ARTAMIS (All-Round Telescope Array Monitor and Information System) which is built with Siemens' WinCC-OA SCADA platform. ARTAMIS allows the WSRT operators, but also our science users, a well-organized view of the current or past status of the whole WSRT system, including VLBI and other systems. In this contribution we present the used WinCC-OA capabilities, and the features that we built into ARTAMIS. Furthermore we will discuss future plans for monitoring the to-be-upgraded LOFAR system with WinCC-OA.
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