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Paper: Re-engineering Data Processing for Resilience: ALMA's New Message-Passing Backbone
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 465
Authors: Chavan, A. M.; Rosen, R.; Staig, T.
Abstract: Processing of the data taken by the ALMA Telescope occurs over four continents and fourteen time zones. Our initial system to support integrated data processing was created out of existing and ad-hoc components connected via a variety of protocols. The design was focused on processing as much data as possible without manual intervention. Once all the data and control flows were fully operational, the system was re-designed to be more resilient, where individual component failures will not necessarily affect the overall flow of data. Standardizing on asynchronous message passing allowed the system to gracefully deal with critical components having limited (or no) availability without loss of data. The resulting system, called ADAPT (for ALMA Data Processing Toolchain), will go live for ALMA's Cycle 7 observations.
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