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Paper: The XMM–Newton Pipeline. 20 Years of Mission Processed in
5.5 Days
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 527
Authors: Perea–Calderón, J.–V.; Rodriguez–Pascual, P.; Gabriel, C.
Abstract: After 20 years of mission the XMM–Newton space observatory has already successfully completed more than 14.000 pointing observations. Those observations are performed by 3 X–ray telescopes and 1 Optical/UV telescope, all of them yielding simultaneous astronomical data over 6 different instruments: 3 X–ray cameras (European Photon Imaging Cameras, EPIC), 2 X–ray spectrometers (Reflection Grating Spectrometer: RGS1/2), and the Optical/UV instrument (Optical Monitor: OM). As a consequence more than 60.000 science X–ray exposures have been carried out satisfactorily, together with around 100.000 exposures from the different OM observing modes. This paper is a review of the big effort carried out to process in the XMM–Newton Pipeline that number of science observations to produce a huge number of high–quality science data products in a record time of only 5.5 days.
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