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Paper: The Rialto Project: Software Prototyping for the SKA Science Data Processor Based on Australian Precursor Technologies.
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 531
Authors: Guzman, J.; Wicenec, A.
Abstract: The SKA Science Data Processor (SDP) is a design element of the SKA Observatory and responsible for receiving the visibility data from the radio correlator and generating science–ready data products to the SKA Regional Centres (SRC). The pre–construction phase of the SDP element concluded in April 2019 with a successful Critical Design Review (CDR). This paper presents the final design work performed by the joint project team at ICRAR and CSIRO in the context of the SDP pre–construction phase with an emphasis on software solutions based on Australian precursor technologies such as YANDAsoft (formerly known as ASKAPsoft) and DALiuGE. DALiuGE is the Execution framework developed by ICRAR, which extends the traditional data flow model by integrating data lifecycle management, graph executing engine and cost–optimal resource allocation into a coherent data–driven framework deployable in multiple High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms. YANDAsoft is the radio interferometry calibration and imaging processing software developed by CSIRO for the ASKAP telescope but extended to be used to process data from other radio telescope.
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