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Paper: JoXSZ – Joint X-SZ Fitter for Galaxy Clusters
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 551
Authors: Castagna, F.; Andreon, S.
Abstract: High-resolution observations of the thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) effect and of the X-ray emission of galaxy clusters are becoming more and more widespread, offering us an unique asset to the study of the thermodynamic properties of the intracluster medium. We present JoXSZ, a Bayesian forward-modelling Python code designed to jointly fit the SZ data and the three dimensional X-ray data cube. JoXSZ is able to derive the thermodynamic profiles of galaxy clusters for the first time making full and consistent use of all the information contained in the observations. JoXSZ will be publicly available on GitHub in the near future.
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