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Paper: ESO VLT/I Pipeline Packaging System for Releases {\textendash} the Complexity Behind Releasing 20+ Pipelines
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 643
Authors: García–Dabó, C. E.; Szostak, A.
Abstract: The pipeline group at ESO has been delivering 20+ pipelines for the world-class VLT/I telescope since several years with the goal of providing an homogeneous user experience, minimise duplication of efforts and provide flexibility to the individual project deadlines, all spread across 3+ millions lines of C/C++, python and java code. The use of shared components across the entire portfolio helps minimising duplication of code and leverages common solutions, however this requires an extra coordination effort. The VLT/I pipelines are deployed in a variety of environments, ranging from high-end operational systems at the observatories to scientist laptops. A novel in-house packaging system abstracts the details for the different delivery scenarios helping the developers to concentrate on their intentions while an automatic system acts on the different repositories to achieve the end result. Currently we support rpm, macports and source tarballs kits packaging systems, but the plugin-based design allows to add other types of packages.
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