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Paper: Automated SpectroPhotometric Image REDuction (ASPIRED)
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 655
Authors: Lam, M. C.; Smith, R. J.; Steele, I. A.
Abstract: We aim to provide a suite of publicly available spectral data reduction software to facilitate rapid scientific outcomes from time–domain observations. For time resolved observations, an automated pipeline frees astronomers from performance of the routine data analysis tasks to concentrate on interpretation, planning future observations and communication with international collaborators. The project consists of two parts: data processing (ASPIRED) and a graphical user interface (gASPIRED). ASPIRED is written in Python 3, and was intentionally developed as a self–consistent reduction pipeline with its own diagnostics and error handling. The pipeline can reduce 2D spectral data from raw image to wavelength and flux calibrated 1D spectrum automatically without any user input. gASPIRED is a cross–platform software developed with Electron on a single code base. It brings interactivity to the software with a well–maintained and user–friendly environment.
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