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Paper: Do More Science Faster with the PhotoDissociation Region Toolbox
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 675
Authors: Pound, M. W.; Wolfire, M. G.
Abstract: Twenty years ago, when we started the Photodissociation Region Toolbox (PDRT), web programming meant CGI and Perl was King. Single pixel detectors were cutting edge technology and the sub-mm window had just begun to be explored. Airline travel was pleasant and people still smoked cigarettes. We put together PDRT with Perl, HTML, Apache 1.3, FITS files, CVS, shell scripts, thumb tacks, horsehair, and bits of strings. The tool filled a need and developed an international user base. We increased the number of spectral lines covered as new telescopes and missions arrived, added low metallicity models, and shepherded it through multiple computer replacements and operating system upgrades. Web-free scripting interfaces were created by users. Our funding ran out, but we continued adding lines when users requested and kept the service running. Single pixel detectors gave way to cameras and sub-mm science matured. We've now received 3 years of funding from the NASA Astrophysics Data Analysis Program to implement the upgrades described here.
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