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Paper: Calibration of Ground Based Survey Data Using Gaia: Application to DES
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 701
Authors: George, K.; Vassallo, T.; Mohr, J.; Mirkazemi, M.; Israel, H.; de Jong, J. T. A.; Verdoes Kleijn, G. A.
Abstract: The calibration of ground based optical imaging data to photometric accuracy of 10 mmag over the full survey area and to color uniformity better than 5 mmag on the scale of the VIS focal plane is a key science requirement for the Euclid mission. These accuracies enable stable photometric redshifts of galaxies and modeling of the color dependent VIS PSF for weak lensing studies. We use the Gaia photometry to calibrate the g/r/i/z magnitudes of Dark Energy Survey (DES) data to meet the stringent Euclid requirements. The Gaia G band magnitude along with the BP-RP color information of stars observed in the DES single epoch (SE) exposures are used to derive the transformation from Gaia to DES photometry for individual CCDs and to characterize persistent photometric errors across the DECam focal plane. We use the color dependence of these persistent errors to characterize the g/r/i/z bandpass variations across the DECam focal plane.
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