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Paper: DARTS/Astro Query System
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 709
Authors: Ebisawa, K.; Yoshino, R.; Inada, K.
Abstract: DARTS ( is JAXA's space science data archive, and DARTS/Astro is the astronomical part of DARTS. In DARTS/Astro, we had been operating multiple query systems for different astronomical satellites or instruments. This was not efficient, so we started to develop a new generic and flexible query system in 2017 which may be used for various kinds of astronomical data. In this paper, we present outline of this new DARTS/Astro Query system. Now, we operate the DARTS/Astro Query System (, where users can search for almost all the astronomical data archived in DARTS in a single session. Also, flexible and complex searches using full SQL/ADQL statements are possible. For us developers, it is much more straightforward than before to add new datasets to the system.
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