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Paper: The Road to a Science-Based Twitter Feed: Paving and White Lines with Software
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 721
Authors: Becker, G.; Winkelman, S.; D'Abrusco, R.
Abstract: Maintaining an up-to-date science-based Twitter feed is labor-intensive, but given careful planning and justifiable criteria, software can encapsulate the information sources and communication principles of the intended feed, sort through and prioritize available options, and greatly ease the workflow for authors. At the Chandra Data Archive, we have leveraged the mission's existing archives of observational and bibliographical data to provide Twitter maintainers with tweet topic recommendations across numerous categories, along with crucial information about each item. We first thought hard about what the feed should feature, and tightened our inclusion criteria as we proceeded. We then designed software with the ability to isolate items of interest from databases and present them to staff in an efficient, engaging manner. The hard work that created the Chandra archive is thus marshaled into a new interface with a new purpose.
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