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Paper: ASTRON Computing Research and Development
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 755
Authors: Jansen, W.; Boonstra, A. J.; Broekema, P. C.; Coolen, A. X. C.; Dijkema, T. J.; Loose, G. M.; Mevius, M.; Pandey, V. N.; Romein, J. W.; Tol, S.; Veenboer, B.; Yatawatta, S.
Abstract: Software has become an essential component in radio astronomical instrumentation. The computing group of ASTRON R&D performs fundamental research in developing novel algorithms and software in this regard. The science delivered by modern radio telescopes such as LOFAR and APERTIF are directly dependent on this research and looking into the future, it will have a direct impact of the SKA. We give a brief overview of the current research being conducted by this group.
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