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Paper: The 2019 ADASS/Kapteyn Youth Hackathon
Volume: 527, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIX
Page: 791
Authors: Noel–Storr, J.; Verdoes Kleijn, G. A.; Mulder, W.; Vogelaar, M. G. R.
Abstract: We organized a Youth Hackathon to attract high school and brand-new undergraduate students with an interest in data science and astronomy. The goal was to show that data science is an important part of astronomy, and vice versa, and to give the students an opportunity to engage with astronomical programming and data in a practical way. ADASS conferences emphasize the importance of a stable influx of astronomers involved in data science projects. Here We describe a new model where we deviated from the classical hackathon for astronomers to include youth, and we describe the objectives as well as the implementation, results, evaluation.
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