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Paper: A Spectroscopic Study of the Prototype RR Lyr from Oukaimeden Observatory in Morocco
Volume: 529, RR Lyrae/Cepheid 2019: Frontiers of Classical Pulsators
Page: 11
Authors: Benhida, A.; Sefyani, F. L.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; Kolenberg, K.; Gillet, D.; Mathias, P.; Chafouai, K.; Jariri, Y. E.; Sylla, S.; Etteba, B.; Sabil, M.; Habib, A.
Abstract: Oukaimeden Observatory in Morocco is a growing facility since 1987, and one of the relatively few on the African continent. Since 2013, we have conducted several observing campaigns focused on RR Lyr, the prototype and eponym of the class of pulsating stars. The observations were done using a spectrograph with a medium resolution R=12000, attached to a modest 35 cm telescope. The spectroscopic data cover a large part of the visible range (4100 to 7200 Å), with an exposure time of 300s. Notable results are: (a) the observation of Helium emission during various Blazhko phases; (b) the observation of line doubling in metal lines; and (c) the disappearance and reappearance of absorption lines of neutral iron (FeI), linked to the passage of a shock wave crossing the photosphere during the star's expansion. Our results not only reveal newly found phenomena in the stellar atmosphere, but they also illustrate that RR Lyrae research can be performed with relatively modest means.
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