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Paper: Gaia Parallaxes Versus Updated Pulsation Model Predictions
Volume: 529, RR Lyrae/Cepheid 2019: Frontiers of Classical Pulsators
Page: 27
Authors: De Somma, G.; Marconi, M.; Molinaro, R.; Cignoni, M.; Musella, I.; Ripepi, V.
Abstract: In the context of a new theoretical project aimed to investigate the residual systematic errors in the extragalactic distance scale and to evaluate the Cepheid-based Hubble Constant, we present the results obtained so far for the chemical composition Z=0.02, Y=0.28 pulsation models. In particular the first theoretical light curves in the Gaia filters are presented as a function of pulsation model assumptions concerning the Mass-Luminosity relation and the efficiency of superadiabatic convection. These curves are used to derive mean magnitudes and colors, and in turn Period-Wesenheit relations, which are applied to a sample of Galactic Cepheids in the Gaia Data Release 2 to derive theoretical, individual distances and parallaxes.
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