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Paper: RR Lyrae Stars of M3 in Optical and Swift/UVOT Near-UV Observations
Volume: 529, RR Lyrae/Cepheid 2019: Frontiers of Classical Pulsators
Page: 336
Authors: Nuspl, J.
Abstract: The Swift/UVOT satellite measured 218 RRL stars of M3 in near-UV (NUV) during the 2011-2013 years overlapping with our ground-based campaign in the optical bands (B, V, IC) in 2012. The high spatial resolution of UVOT provided the first opportunity to resolve the crowded field of a globular cluster spatially in UV, and enlarged the data coverage in spectral range for a large and homogeneous sample of RRL stars. The previous GALEX and other measurements in this energy range observed scattered field stars, and a few of them were only analyzed in detail. In this short report, we present some of our preliminary results and work yet in progress of a complementary investigation of optical and NUV data focusing on the spectral energy distribution variations considering only unblended, stable RRL stars. In this work, we compare the observed values with static stellar atmosphere model predictions for flux energy distributions to check their consistencies.
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