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Paper: Reaching Diverse Groups in Long-Term Astronomy Public Engagement Efforts
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 47
Authors: Archipley, M.; Dalgleish, H. S.; Ahrer, E.; Mortimer, D.
Abstract: Professional astronomy is historically not an environment of diverse identities. In recognizing that public outreach efforts affect career outcomes for young people, it is important to assess the demographics of those being reached and continually consider strategies for successfully engaging underrepresented groups. One such outreach event, the International Astronomical Youth Camp (IAYC), has a 50-year history and has reached ∼1700 participants from around the world. We find that the IAYC is doing well in terms of gender (59% female, 4.7% non-binary at the most recent camp) and LGBT+ representation, whereas black and ethnic minorities are lacking. In this proceeding, we report the current landscape of demographics applying to and attending the IAYC; the efforts we are making to increase diversity amongst participants; the challenges we face; and our future plans to bridge these gaps, not only for the benefit of the camp but for society overall.
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