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Paper: Astro[sound]bites: a New Audio Resource for Conveying Recent Astronomy Research
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 111
Authors: Gagliano, A.; Rice, M.; Saunders, W. R.
Abstract: In our submission, we detail our efforts to present recent astronomy research in the astro[sound]bites podcast, a companion to the popular blog Beyond discussing Astrobites content, we connect diverse sub-fields and pursue topics peripheral to research. In each episode, we play and discuss a “space sound,” which can range from the susurration of Martian wind against a probe's panels to an orchestra of exoplanet discoveries. Astro[sound]bites conveys recent astronomy research results in an engaging and accessible manner without visual media. We have published 29 episodes across multiple streaming platforms, with approximately 200 downloads per episode in 43 countries, and each upcoming episode will be released in the same manner. While astronomy is often conveyed visually, we provide a crucial resource for auditory learning that is freely accessible around the world.
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