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Paper: Presenting Effective Virtual Interactive Planetarium Shows
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 131
Authors: Hartweg, B.; Berglund, K.
Abstract: Although some planetariums have reopened after coronavirus restrictions have eased, many are still closed or have attendance limits that do not make it economically feasible to reopen at this time. Virtual planetarium shows are one way for planetariums to continue to operate and engage with audiences in this present environment. Even after life returns to "normal," online programs will enable planetariums to extend their reach or build interest in their dome programs. In this interactive workshop we will share current strategies we have been using, and work as a group to determine best practices for presenting online interactive planetarium programs. Goals for the workshop: (1) Determine what barriers people see to doing interactive planetarium shows, and brainstorm ideas for removing/reducing those barriers. (2) Define/explore possible types of interaction in an online planetarium show. (3) Discuss current practices, and share feedback from school group participants (4) Share tips and techniques for adjusting your planetarium sky to a two dimensional surface. (5) Discuss peripheral tools that have proven effective for virtual shows (green screens, OBS, etc.).
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