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Paper: Major Effects of Line Asymmetries in Solar Magnetic Field Measurements from Simultaneous Multi-Wavelength Observations
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 132
Authors: Molodij, G.; Rayrole, J.
Abstract: We used improved data processing on simultaneous multi-wavelength observations at high spatial resolution with THEMIS, in order to identify thermodynamic structures and show that both magnetic and velocity gradients appear in every solar structure (quiet region as well as faculae). The asymmetries of polarized spectra were analyzed accurately for different line formation heights. We present observations that can be useful to investigate the validity of inversion techniques, to detect the presence of canopies and magnetic oscillations, and to estimate accurately line formation heights. We also present evidence of the coupling between the local thermodynamic parameters and the magnetic field, using a selection of both magnetically sensitive and insensitive lines.
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