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Paper: Online Reading Quizzes: Learning Tool or Busy Work?
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 276
Authors: Young, K.
Abstract: Many faculty agree that students benefit from reading a textbook alongside or prior to lectures and other content delivery methods. Additionally, research has shown students benefit from pre-lecture readings and quizzes (e.g., Gammerdinger & Kocher 2018 and Brown & Tallon 2014). However, students often need motivation to read the text. Short low-stakes reading comprehension quizzes can be used as an encouragement to open the book. I will present some preliminary data from Astro 101 courses that investigates a possible relationship between reading quizzes written for OpenStax Astronomy and exam performance. The goal of this presentation is to promote thinking and discussion on questions such as: Do reading quizzes help prepare students for the exam? Does in-person versus online delivery of reading quizzes change their effectiveness? Even if a student is just searching the text for the answers, is some engagement with the book better than none? This 10 minute Oral Presentation is intended for the Astro 101 thread and is an appropriate topic for either Online Assessment or Running Your Class Online.
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