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Paper: Using Sky & Telescope as a Classroom Resource
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 388
Authors: Beatty, J. K.; Buxner, S. R.; Steffen, J.; Wenger, M.
Abstract: Our community of astronomy instructors comprises individuals with a broad range of experience — from high-school science teachers to part-time general-science practitioners to tenured professionals. For all of them, however, vetted and high-quality resources are more important as instructional tools than ever. Sky & Telescope, which has provided trusted, authoritative information about all things celestial for 80 years, is embarking on a new initiative to support “Astro 101” courses. Now owned by the American Astronomical Society, Sky & Telescope continues to create daily (online), monthly (print magazine), and annual (SkyWatch) content that can provide quality foundational resources relevant to undergraduate courses in accessible ways. Additionally, its timely reporting of observable celestial events and recent astronomical discoveries provides frequent opportunities to engage your students in the discovery of science. Sky & Telescope seeks to make its content more accessible to high-school and undergraduate astronomy students. To that end, this session invited instructors to explore how its print and online content can serve as supplemental resources for astronomy courses and to give feedback on which of Sky & Telescope's resources would be of most value to them and their students.
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