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Paper: Large Field-of-View KD*P Modulator for Solar Polarization Measurements
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 209
Authors: West, E.A.; Gary, G.A.
Abstract: This paper describes the evolution of the Marshall Space Flight Center's (MSFC) electro-optical polarimeter with emphasis on the field-of-view characteristics of the KD*P modulator. Understanding those characteristics was essential to the success of the MSFC solar vector magnetograph. We show how the field-of-view (FOV) errors of KD*P look similar to the linear polarization patterns seen in simple sunspots, and why the placement of the KD*P in a collimated beam was essential in separating the instrumental polarization from the solar signal. Finally, we describe a modulator design which minimizes those FOV errors.
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