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Paper: Sharing Celestial Events With the World Free and From Home
Volume: 533, ASP 2021: Sharing Best Practices – AstronomyTeaching and Public Engagement
Page: 141
Authors: Gal, R.
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to cancel all in-person events. At the University of Hawai'i, we partnered with local amateur astronomers to produce live streams of celestial events at little to no cost to us, without using closed public parks or other facilities. Setting up a telescope with a CCD camera in a faculty member's driveway, and streaming via Zoom to YouTube and Facebook, we shared planetary conjunctions and a lunar eclipse with tens of thousands of people across the globe. I discuss our very simple setup, demonstrating how a few individuals, using limited resources in an urban area, can create an engaging event for astronomy enthusiasts.
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