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Paper: Online Innovations to Support Astro 101 Classes
Volume: 533, ASP 2021: Sharing Best Practices – AstronomyTeaching and Public Engagement
Page: 143
Authors: Wenger, M.; Knierman, K. A.; Lee, K. M.; Simon, M.; Weigel, D.
Abstract: In this panel discussion, speakers will share innovative online tools that are available for use in Astro 101 courses and are free and open to use by any instructor. Karen Knierman will present free adaptive and interactive astronomy lab activities for students to explore and discover the content on their own. Kevin Lee will describe efforts at utilizing student smartphones in the astronomy classroom and show examples of ranking tasks and simulations targeted at smartphones. Molly Simon will present a suite of citizen science-based labs that utilize data from projects active on the Zooniverse platform. David Weigel will discuss WorldWide Telescope use cases, such as astronomy in context and tour authoring.
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