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Paper: Spectro-Polarimetry of Magnetic Hot Stars
Volume: 358, Solar Polarization 4
Page: 345
Authors: Kochukhov, O.
Abstract: This overview summarises recent advances in detection of the magnetic field and modeling the field topology in magnetic hot stars. I describe modern spectro-polarimetric techniques employed to characterise the properties of the stellar magnetic field and briefly review results of their application to several classes of hot stars. A special emphasis is given to the detailed simultaneous modeling of chemical and magnetic structures in the atmospheres of chemically peculiar stars. For these objects a novel Doppler imaging analysis based on the spectro-polarimetric data in all four Stokes parameters was recently used to reconstruct the first self-consistent maps of magnetic field and chemical inhomogeneities. Magnetic Doppler imaging studies reveal unexpected complexity of the surface magnetic topologies and large star-to-star scatter in the level of field complexity.
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