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Paper: The Role of Disk Winds in the Evolution and Dispersal of Protoplanetary Disks
Monograph: 9, Protostars and Planets VII
Page: 567
Authors: Pascucci, I.; Cabrit, S.; Edwards, S.; Gorti, U.; Gressel, O.; Suzuki, T. K.
Abstract: The assembly and architecture of planetary systems strongly depend on the physical processes governing the evolution and dispersal of protoplanetary disks. Since Protostars and Planets VI, new observations and theoretical insights favor disk winds as being one of those key processes. This chapter provides a comprehensive review of both observations and theory of disk winds. First, we summarize recent observations probing outflowing gas launched over a range of disk radii for a wide range of evolutionary stages, enabling an empirical understanding of how winds evolve. Next, we review theoretical advancements in both magnetohydrodynamic and photoevaporative disk wind models and identify predictions that can be confronted with observations. Finally, by linking theory and observations we critically assess the role of disk winds in the evolution and dispersal of protoplanetary disks. We conclude by exploring the impact of disk winds on planet formation and evolution and highlight theoretical work, observations, and critical tests for future progress.
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