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Paper: Hard GRB Spectra: Thermal vs. Non-thermal Emission
Volume: 312, Third Rome Workshop on Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era
Page: 43
Authors: Ghirlanda, G.; Celotti, A.; Ghisellini, G.
Abstract: We consider the evidence for very hard low energy spectra during the prompt phase of Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB). In particular we examine the spectral evolution of GRB 980306 together with the detailed analysis of some other bursts already presented in the literature (GRB 911118, GRB 910807, GRB 910927 and GRB 970111), and check for the significance of their hardness by applying different tests. The hard spectra of these bursts and their evolution constrain several non-thermal emission models, which appear inadequate to account for these cases. The extremely hard spectra at the beginning of their prompt emission are also compared with a black body spectral model: the resulting fits are remarkably good. These findings on the possible thermal character of the evolving spectrum and their implications on the GRB physical scenario can be considered in the frameworks of photospheric models for a fireball which is becoming optically thin, and of the Compton drag model. Both models appear to be qualitatively and quantitatively consistent with the found spectral characteristics.
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