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Paper: High-Redshift Radio-Loud QSOs: Unification and the Space Density Turnover
Volume: 300, Radio Astronomy at the Fringe
Page: 267
Authors: Jackson, C.A.; Wall, J.V.; Shaver, P.A.; Kellermann, K.I.; Hook, I.M.
Abstract: We discuss results from a large completed project which takes advantage of the characteristics of compact, high-power radio-loud QSOs identified by Ken Kellermann early in his career. We set out to (i) search for high-redshift radio-loud QSOs and (ii) study the evolution of the flat-spectrum QSO pop- ulation. Following a 6 yr campaign we have obtained accurate radio positions and optical data for a large sample of Parkes flat-spectrum radio sources. The resultant sample enables us to trace the space density turnover of flat-spectrum QSOs. We conclude that there is a space density turnover in the QSO population and that optically-selected QSO samples are little affected by dust obscuration.
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