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Paper: The Cosmic Evolution Survey: COSMOS
Volume: 375, From Z-Machines to ALMA: (Sub)Millimeter Spectroscopy of Galaxies
Page: 166
Authors: Scoville, N.
Abstract: The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) is designed to probe the correlated evolution of galaxies, star formation, active galactic nuclei (AGN), and dark matter (DM) with large-scale structure (LSS) over the redshift range 0.5 ≤ z ≤ 3. The survey includes multi-wavelength imaging and spectroscopy from X-ray to radio wavelengths covering a 2☐ area, including HST imaging of the entire field. Given the very high sensitivity and resolution of these datasets, COSMOS will also provide unprecedented samples of objects at z > 3. Here I provide a brief overview of the survey strategy, the characteristics of the major COSMOS datasets, and a summary of the science goals.
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