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Paper: Monitoring Phase Calibrators at Submillimeter Wavelengths
Volume: 375, From Z-Machines to ALMA: (Sub)Millimeter Spectroscopy of Galaxies
Page: 234
Authors: Gurwell, M.A.; Peck, A.B.; Hostler, S.R.; Darrah, M.R.; Katz, C.A.; the SMA team
Abstract: One of the biggest challenges facing submillimeter wavelength interferometry is correcting for short timescale atmospheric phase fluctuations during the observations. Quasars sufficiently bright to use as calibrators for current submillimeter facilities are scarce, particularly at frequencies higher than 300GHz. We present results of an ongoing monitoring program to determine the fluxes and variability of quasars at 230 and 345GHz. The data are being collected at the Submillimeter Array (SMA) on Mauna Kea and reduced using MIR data reduction software. Results are updated regularly and are available in a searchable format at
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