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Paper: ALMA Imaging Simulations of Nearby and Distant Colliding Galaxies
Volume: 375, From Z-Machines to ALMA: (Sub)Millimeter Spectroscopy of Galaxies
Page: 242
Authors: Iono, D.; Takakuwa, S.; Kawabe, R.; Vila VilarĂ³ , B.; Saito, M.; Tamura, Y.
Abstract: We present preliminary ALMA (12m array + ACA) imaging simulations of nearby (D = 300Mpc) and distant (z = 3) colliding galaxy systems. It is found that the addition of the ACA will significantly improve the image quality for nearby systems, but the expected improvements in image quality from adding the ACA for high-z observations are limited for this particular model observed at 345GHz. Improvements are, however, seen when the target source is more extended than the model used here, or when higher frequency bands are used. These imaging simulations are especially important for investigating the characteristics of existing imaging techniques, and for optimizing the pipelining of ALMA data.
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