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Paper: Early Hard X-Ray Afterglows of Short GRBs with Konus Experiments
Volume: 312, Third Rome Workshop on Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era
Page: 197
Authors: Frederiks, D.D.; Aptekar, R.L.; Golenetskii, S.V.; Il'inskii, V.N.; Mazets, E.P.; Palshin, V.D.; Cline, T.L.
Abstract: For ten of 125 short GRBs observed by Konus-Wind and the Konus-A the existence of statistically significant flux of hard photons accompanying initial event for a time of tens to hundred seconds after the trigger was revealed. Temporal, spectral, and energetic characteristics of these events are presented. The statistical analysis of the whole burst sample reveals that the afterglow is a more common feature of short GRBs.
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