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Paper: Sub-mm Observations of GRB Host Galaxies
Volume: 312, Third Rome Workshop on Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era
Page: 275
Authors: Tanvir, N.R.; Barnard, V.E.; Blain, A.W.; Natarajan, P.; Smith, I.A.; Wijers, R.A.M.J.; Rol, E.; Kouveliotou, C.; Tilanus, R.P.J.; Vreeswijk, P.; Fruchter, A.
Abstract: Much high redshift star formation is thought to occur in dusty galaxies, in which UV light from massive stars is reprocessed and reradiated in the far infrared. Submm fluxes of GRB host galaxies therefore provide a measure of their instantaneous star formation rates, and allow us to test the hypothesis that GRB likelihood is associated with the presence of massive stars. Here we review the status of such observations, which indeed confirm that on the average GRB hosts have enhanced star formation rates.
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