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Paper: Application of CHIANTI to Solar-B
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 35
Authors: Dere, K.; Landi, E.; Del Zanna, G.; Young, P.; Mason, H.; Landini, M.
Abstract: CHIANTI ( has been developed to support the interpretation of solar and astrophysical spectroscopic measurements. The most recent release, version 5.0 (Landi et al. 2005) presents an improvement over previous versions by including new large scale datasets for Fe ions from Fe XVII to Fe XXIV for X-ray emission and improved atomic data for EUV line emission. We will demonstrate how this can be applied to the analysis of XRT and EIS data, in particular. For example, new excitation rates for Fe XII have resolved a long standing problem in the use of Fe XII line ratios as accurate density diagnostics. Current work involves improvements to ionization and recombination rates which will also be useful in the interpretation of Solar-B data.
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