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Paper: Helicity as the Ultimate Test to the Surface Dynamo Problem
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 99
Authors: Pevtsov, A.A.; Longcope, D.W.
Abstract: It has become widely accepted that large-scale magnetic structures on the Sun, such as active regions, are the product of a dynamo of periodicity approximately 22 years situated at or near the base of the convection zone. There has been speculation that the intermixed, small-scale photospheric magnetic field is generated by a second dynamo operating at or near the solar surface. Numerical simulations have shown that such dynamo could work, although it would not be as effective in generating flux as the more conventional deep-seated dynamo. Since they are driven by flows of different sizes operating on different time scales, the magnetic fields generated by these two dynamos should be quantitatively different. In particular, there are well-studied helical trends in the large-scale magnetic which could be imprinted on them by the deep, slow flows of the dynamo which generates them; these helical trends would be absent from a field generated by a surface dynamo. We propose that observations of magnetic/current helicity at very small scales can be used to establish the role of the second, surface dynamo on the Sun.
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