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Paper: Supersonic Downflows in the Photosphere Discovered in Sunspot Moat Regions
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 113
Authors: Shimizu, T.; Martinez-Pillet, V.; Collados, M.; Ruiz-Cobo, B.; Centeno, R.; Beck, C.; Katsukawa, Y.
Abstract: This paper reports on our new findings from the International Time Program observations at the Canaries islands, Spain, in July 2005. We have found small-scale photospheric events with extremely red-shifted Stokes V signals in sunspot moat regions. A preliminary estimate of the physical conditions for an observed Stokes V profile indicates the presence of a downward motion with a supersonic speed in the order of 10 km/s.With the currently evaluated observational information, we interprete the supersonic flows as downward motion from magnetic reconnection occurring at the upper chromosphere or lower photosphere. With coordinated observations of the Solar-B onboard telescopes, Stokes measurements by the SOT spectro-polarimeter would give new information for further understanding the nature of these events with strongly red-shifted Stokes V, and for discussing the physical conditions involving in possible magnetic reconnections in the lower solar atmosphere.
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