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Paper: What Can We Learn about Filaments from Vector Magnetograms
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 137
Authors: Schmieder, B.; Aulanier, G.; Lopez Ariste, A.
Abstract: Theoretical MHD models of filaments have predicted the existence of dips in magnetic field lines supporting the cool filament plasma. Condensation would be one of the possible mechanism of filament formation. The controversy is still alive. Filament fine structures are of dynamical nature and injection of cold material (like surges) from the photosphere would be the proposed mechanism. With the presence of dips, the magnetic lines are predicted to be tangent to the photosphere, near the barbs, footpoints of the prominences. The injection model predicted nearly vertical structures of the barbs rooted in the minority polarities.

Measurements of vector magnetic field in filament channels can answer to these questions and will be possible with Solar-B.

Recent results have been obtained with THEMIS vector magnetograph in Tenerife, suggesting that dips are really present in filament channel leading to the conclusion that the observed magnetic topology in the photosphere fully supports models of prominences based on dips.

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