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Paper: Helicity Injection in Regions of Various Magnetic Fluxes
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 179
Authors: Yamamoto, T.T.; Sakurai, T.; Kusano, K.; Yokoyama, T.
Abstract: In this study, we investigated magnetic helicity injection rates among active regions of various sizes. We analyzed 78 active regions (more than 600 magnetograms), using the vector magnetograms obtained with the Solar Flare Telescope of NAOJ and SoHO/MDI magnetograms. We used a method proposed by Kusano et al. (2002, 2004) to evaluate the helicity injection. Magnetic fluxes of analyzed regions are from 21012 Wb to 41014 Wb. Unsigned magnetic helicity injection rates are from 1019 Wb2 s−1 to 1023 Wb2 s−1. From a scatter plot of the magnetic flux and the unsigned magnetic helicity injection rate, we found that the magnetic helicity injection rate has an upper limit for a given value of the magnetic flux, and this upper limit is inversely proportional to the magnetic flux. We discuss these results with a model of the helicity injection due to helical turbulence (Σ-Effect; Longcope, Fisher, & Pevtsov 1998).
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