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Paper: Flare-Associated Oscillations in Coronal Multiple-Loops Observed with the Norikura Green-Line Imaging System
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 213
Authors: Hori, K.; Ichimoto, K.; Sakurai, T.
Abstract: We report the first detection of a magnetohydrodynamic kink oscillation in the coronal green line emission (Fe XIV 5303A, 2MK) by the twodimensional Doppler coronagraph NOGIS (Norikura Green-Line Imaging System) at the Norikura Solar Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. It was an impulsively triggered damping oscillation in Doppler shift in a bundle of face-on coronal loops on the west limb. In the individual loops, both transverse (fast kink) and longitudinal modes were observed simultaneously. The longitudinal mode can be slow wave reflecting at both ends of the loop. The kink mode had larger amplitude than the longitudinal mode, and lasted up to ~7 wave periods (> 100 min). Oscillations in different loops were not synchronized in phase; the phase velocity increased smoothly with the loop length. Our preliminary results support the resonant mode conversion as a possible damping mechanism of the kink oscillations in a certain part of the observed loops.
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