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Paper: Observed Co-Temporal Oscillations by CDS and TRACE and the Implications for Solar-B Instrumentation
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 225
Authors: Walsh, R.W.; Marsh, M.
Abstract: This paper focuses upon a sunspot active region that was imaged with the CDS wide slit (with high time resolution in He I, O V, Mg IX) and also co-temporally in TRACE 171 Å. 3-min oscillations were observed above the sunspot umbra in He I and O V with both displaying resonance-like multiple frequencies. These oscillations are then observed to propagate along the active region loops observed in TRACE. We believe these represent direct observations of the propagation of these slow magneto-acoustic p-modes through the transition region and into the solar corona, along the magnetic field. The implications of these results for the implemenation of Solar-B instruments to better refine and extend solar atmospheric seismology is discussed.
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