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Paper: Topological Dissipation and The Solar Corona
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 269
Authors: Gudiksen, B.V.
Abstract: Reconnection in the solar corona has to take place as was convincingly shown by Parker (1972). The question remains if it is sufficient to heat the corona. One of the major problems in coronal physics, is modeling reconnection. Reconnection is the basis of most heating models in spite the fact that we really donít know how reconnection works. Simulating reconnection with realistic parameters is highly problematic and the solar corona has a parameter space not well explored. Here I try to give a hint of what conclusions one can reach about reconnection from large scale simulations of the solar corona. A model of the solar corona with a numerical diffusion reproduces a number of observables and seem to reproduce the corona well using only minimal assumptions. The overall well reproduced corona means that constraints can be put on the distribution of the energy released by reconnection between heat, cross field transport mechanisms and some models of energy transport along the magnetic field.
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